Microsoft SOAP not compatible with PythonWare's SOAP?

Iwan van der Kleyn ivdkleyn at
Mon Dec 11 10:08:18 EST 2000

Hi there,

I'm developing an Intranet-site with Python. Part of the needed
business-logic is already implemented as Visual Basic (COM) components
(let's call this a "legacy-sytem" :-). I've investigated several means of
integrating them into my intranet-application and a low-cost, conventient
way would be to build a SOAP-interface which I would access with the from Pyhtonware ( .

However, during testing I've not been able to retrieve any data from the
test MS SOAP components. The soaplib seems to working fine, though. Is this
the result of "competing" SOAP implementations? Is there any info availbale
about this topic? (Í haven't found any on the internet)



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