Is 100,000 entries big for a dictionary?

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Sat Dec 30 00:03:50 CET 2000

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> I'm in the process of architecting an application with medium sized
> sets. Python dictionaries are tempting as part of the representation
> mechanism. How do they perform when they have 100,000 entries? Can you
> offer any other experience with this size data set in Python?

One of the nice things about python is that it's easy to test things
like this.  The following simple test:
import time

def populate(n):
  d = {}
  for i in xrange(n):
    d[i] = i
  return d

def access(n,d):
  for i in xrange(n):
    foo = d[i]

n = 1e5

print 'populating'
t1 = time.clock()
d = populate(n)
t2 = time.clock()
print '\tthat took %f seconds'%(t2-t1)

print 'accessing'
t1 = time.clock()
t2 = time.clock()
print '\tthat took %f seconds'%(t2-t1)
runs in about less than a second on my crappy desktop machine.
(350MHz PIII running Win2K)


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