2 question from a python newbie!

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Thu Dec 21 16:10:04 EST 2000

  G. Willoughby asked

> 1). Can python scripts be compiled to 'stand alone' .exe files?

Yes they can, see:


> 2). What's the best book/s available for learning python from a total
> beginers point of view?

There are lots of materials on line, see:


and you should also check out:


Up until just a few days ago, there was no hard copy readily available
for a newcomer to programming, that emphasized Python as the
introductory language, but now an updated version of Alan Gauld's on
line tutorial


is available as 'Learn to Program Using Python', ISBN# 0201709384.

If you have any interest in XML, a bonus that comes with Sean McGrath's
book, 'XML Processing with Python', ISBN# 0130211192, is an excellent
introduction to Python.

Good Luck!
Jerry S.

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