Running pdflatex from Python

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Dec 20 20:45:20 CET 2000

Brian Elmegaard wrote:
> This is posted to comp.lang.python and miktex at
> When I try to run pdflatex (miktex 1.20e) from a Python script with
> popen("pdflatex "+filename) under win98 SE I get a fault in kernel32.dll.
> This does not happen for pure latex.

perhaps you're using an evil version of Norton Antivirus 2000?

    "Incompatibility warning: Norton Antivirus 2000 can cause blue
    screen crashes on Windows 98 when a function in the os.popen*()
    family is invoked. To prevent this problem, disable Norton Antivirus
    when using Python. (Confirmed on Windows 98 Second Edition with
    Norton Antivirus version 6.10.20. The same Norton Antivirus version
    doesn't have this problem on Windows 2000. Norton Antivirus
    version 5 on Windows 98SE doesn't have this problem either.)"


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