How can I use printer port in python?...

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Dec 10 12:58:01 EST 2000

"¼­Áö¿ø" wrote:
> As the title says, I was wondering if there's anyway I can
> use printer port in python...

You don't mention which platform nor what you want to do with the
"printer port", nor even whether the "printer port" you refer to is a
parallel port, serial port, or some other port.  

We could assume you mean a parallel port, and that you are on Windows,
and that you don't actually plan to talk to a printer here, but then
again we could be wrong.  Help us out!

On top of which, may I suggest you check the archives for the last week
and read the discussion which just took place with respect to (what I
assume is) exactly this topic, under the subject "parallel port access?"

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