can i make not wait?

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Thu Dec 7 11:02:54 CET 2000

thelocust at writes:

> I'm working on a program that requires me to read in input (usually one
> character) if it is input.  For example, i have a while loop that looks
> like this:
> while 1:
>       x =
>       if x == 'q':
>            break
>       test.handlestuff()
> Well, my problem is is that it seems that read MUST have input to move
> on.  Is there any way that it just attempts to get whatever is on the
> TTY?  or maybe the last thing that was put to it?

You can use a mixture of, termios.tcsetattr and
to do what you want; something like this:

import termios
import TERMIOS
import os
import select,sys

def read1():
    oldattr = termios.tcgetattr(0)
        attr = termios.tcgetattr(0)
        attr[2] = (attr[2] & ~(TERMIOS.NLDLY)) | TERMIOS.NL0
        attr[3] = attr[3] & ~(TERMIOS.ICANON|TERMIOS.ECHO)
        while 1:
            r,_,_ =[0],[],[],0)
            if r:
                return ''

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