Wanted: Python White Papers

noahspurrier at my-deja.com noahspurrier at my-deja.com
Thu Dec 21 22:54:50 EST 2000

Thanks! This is great. It makes good ammo
for my defense of Python.

Does infoseek still use it... or did Go
pretty much obsolete everything infoseek had?


In article <91tmkq$lru$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>,
  jerry_spicklemire at my-deja.com wrote:
>   Noah Spurrier wrote:
> > Is anyone aware of any white papers to explain the use of Python
> > at any big, high-profile companies?
> > How does Python fit into their design?
> Actually InfoSeek used Python for years, before Google existed, and
> some other high profile users include -
> HP, especially in the recent E-Speak project :
... a lot of stuff ...
>  http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/~curfman/cca/web/cca_paper.html
> BTW, Metacrawler is handy for this sort of thing!
> Later,
> Jerry S.
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