A question.

Ben Wolfson wolfson at midway.uchicago.edu
Wed Dec 13 03:01:51 CET 2000

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Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote:

> [I don't wink, I don't adverbialize, I iconize
>only very occasionally, the polysyllabic eruditeness of my hallmark
>circumlocutions pushes my Gunning Fog AND my Flesch-Kincaid up
>in the high 20's -- what more could I do to shew hostility...?]

*Surely* you mean "erudition"!  Honestly, I just don't know to what the
world might be said to be coming when such a seemingly intelligent young man
as yourself can make a mistake, not only *while* intending to show off his
ability to use his prolixity to confounding (and astounding!) effect, but
make the damning mistake in the morphology of _the_ _very_ _word_ which best
encapsulates his fearsome mental prowess--all that without the merest hint
of irony (not that irony could truly save him, but it would have some
however slight redeeming effect)!

It's a hard life.

It infuriates me that Dracula may have needed my soul more than I do.
 -- Stanley Donwood, "Dracula"

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