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Wed Dec 20 12:34:39 EST 2000

I am just thinking about taking Python as my first programming language
for serious learning, but some distrusts with its applicability prevent
me from fully applying myself to it. Would you kindly help clear up
some of my doubts about Python?
1. I want to use IIS 4.0 for my webserver, can I use scripts compiled
by Python in it?
2. What about the ASP? If I want to use ASP, can I use Python to do
such jobs like user authentication? How well can Python be used in Web
programming on Windows platform?
3. I used VB in the past and you can make a '.exe' file after
compiling. But how can I actually execute the Python program in
Windows? It seems that I can not make a .exe file for it to execute. It
is dependent on the interpreter?
4. If I really sit my self to Python, does it reward equally for the
same effort in learning C? In the aspect of the quality of programs.
Thank you in advance for answering my questions.
                                   An eager learner waiting for reply

(By the way, if I begin my serious learning process, I will translate
the tutorial into Chinese.)

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