A question.

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 18:24:59 EST 2000

"Carel Fellinger" <cfelling at iae.nl> wrote in message
news:9166uv$8rs$1 at animus.fel.iae.nl...
> Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote:
> ...excelent tutorial stuf skipped
> now that the tim-bot is exposed as a fake (he has a *face* !:)
> and stopped work^H^H^H^Hposting and C4E still the BDFL's pet
> I just wondered:
>   have they sprouted a new timbot, more geared towards newbies,

Just because I was a newbie so recently myself, I think.

>   more polite and friendly maybe,

*More polite and friendly*?!  And here I thought I was getting into
twice as many flamewars as anybody else on this group... typo for
'less', by any chance?  [I don't wink, I don't adverbialize, I iconize
only very occasionally, the polysyllabic eruditeness of my hallmark
circumlocutions pushes my Gunning Fog AND my Flesch-Kincaid up
in the high 20's -- what more could I do to shew hostility...?]

>   with a touch of human fallibility
>   (hence the occasional slip of the keyboard) and named it Alex?
> In case you hadn't noticed he too is fond of numbers and seems

Very (particularly very high-precision ones, http://gmpy.sourceforge.net).

> to respond educationally to more posts then others can read.

Just a trick to lure y'all into trusting me (as is the simulated
human fallibility, which seems to be working...).


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