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Thu Dec 28 10:43:57 CET 2000

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	victor at prodigy.net (Victor Muslin) writes:

> I just found an old posting that says that socket.fromfd() is not
> implemented on Windows platform (though Python documentation does not
> say so). Is there a FastCGI solution for Python for WindowsNT???

Not that I know of. :(
I ran into the same problem and the solution to fix fcgi.py to use
named pipes under WindowsNT is not trivial. Just peek at the mod_fastcgi
sources themself to see what tricks they have to pull under WindowsNT.
(Another problem is that the versions of apache I have tried under
WindowsNT all were buggy regarding fcgi. They did not even run with
the fastcgi c examples and error reporting was lousy.)

The part of fcgi and apache that you want of course is the
dynamic capabilities of apache to create as many fcgi instances as
needed. Fortunatly there seems to be another solution, which still
stands to be tested here:

Use mod_python with apache and program your python script in a way
that it will do most of its stuff when importing the modules onces.
Then subsequent calls in the same apache thread will be in the same
name space of the python subinterpreter. So you can use the apache
thread load balancing of the server and answer multiple requests

Let me know if you find out more!

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