Direct pixel-by-pixel drawing (with Tk)

Dale Strickland-Clark dale at
Wed Dec 13 08:45:41 EST 2000

Jonathan Lange <jml at> wrote:

>I'm relatively new to Python (but not to programming), and I'd like to
>muck around by doing some fractal stuff. However, alot of this stuff
>needs (wants?) setting pixels directly.
>Now, of course, one solution is to draw a bunch of lines of length 1,
>but TK seems to want to remember each bloody line its drawn, which
>is a bit of overkill and a memory hog.
>I'm doing this on Linux and Windows, so a platform-independent
>solution would rock.
>PS. I'm not afraid of reading documentation :)

Unless you really *have* to use TK, take a look at wxPython.

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