Direct pixel-by-pixel drawing (with Tk)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Dec 14 00:18:53 CET 2000

Jonathan Lange wrote:
> I'm relatively new to Python (but not to programming), and I'd like to
> muck around by doing some fractal stuff. However, alot of this stuff
> needs (wants?) setting pixels directly.

Create a PhotoImage object, fill it with data, and display it.

One way to update a PhotoImage object is to use the "put"
method.  This method takes a tuple of pixel rows, where each
row is a tuple containing color values (names or #rrggbb hex

    label = Label()

    data = (
        ("#000000", "#404040"),
        ("#808080", "#FFFFFF")

    im = PhotoImage(width=len(data[0]), height=len(data))

    label.config(photo=im) = im # make sure to keep a reference!

Another approach is to use PIL's ImageTk module, and do the
drawing in a PIL Image memory.

PIL sources and docs are available from PythonWare:


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