[Q] Are Exceptions used that much in practice?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at effbot.org
Tue Dec 12 19:12:30 CET 2000

David C. Ullrich wrote:
>     Python and Delphi both have try-except and try-finally
> but no try-except-finally. I once saw the person responsible
> for this in Delphi explain why there was no try-except-finally,
> in reply to a complaint about its non-existence. I'm not going
> to try to convince you he was right, but at least in Delphi
> it wasn't just an oversight, they considered it and finally
> decided against it.

quoting myself from a recent post:

$ cd Python-2.0
$ more Misc/HISTORY


    Release 0.9.6 (6 Apr 1992)


    New features in 0.9.6:
        - stricter try stmt syntax: cannot mix except and
        finally clauses on 1 try


for more info, see e.g.


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