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> According to the Python archives this question has been posted 6 years
> ago... still without an answer?
> Q: Has someone accomplished Python integration within Emacs GDB-Mode (GUD,
>    Grand Unified Debugger)?
> With this, Emacs Python-mode mode would be a very handy integrated
> environment.

The current gud.el already supports it.  Mine has this in it:

(defgroup gud nil
  "Grand Unified Debugger mode for gdb and other debuggers under Emacs.
Supported debuggers include gdb, sdb, dbx, xdb, perldb, pdb (Python), and
  :group 'unix
  :group 'tools)

Works great.  You just need to have a executable on your PATH named pdb.  It
can be as simple as a symlink to

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