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>I just want to see if people have had a chance to glance at this, the
>current interface to the maillib draft and tell me a good reason why
>it's horribly broken, or need some tweaking, or is just fine.  I've
>gotten tenative permission to post code, but I need to sort out a few
>more details.  I want to see if I can get some preliminary feedback on
>the module interface.  I will be making some tweaks to make it fully
>agnostic of transport mechanisms, but my basic plan is still to unify
>all the lower level modules into one maillib module (with several
>internal helper classes...)

You have a fetch_first_msg() API, is that all ?

What about non POP/IMAP mailboxes (does the API work for those ? ).

How does the API scale (particularly for unix mailboxes where you don't
really want to have to keep the entire box in memory if you can avoid it).

Does this API make sense as a wrapper around the c-client code ? (C-client
has a syntax for specifying which 'host/port/mailbox' to use), if you
were to pick up c-clients syntax for naming mailboxes that would help
any future work.


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