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>> We have a substantial set of COM objects in Python that run a Web site.
>> Currently, if an exception is raised, the user gets an unfriendly message
>in their browser and we
>> may never know about it.
>> I want to log all unhandled exceptions but I'd rather not have to put a
>try/except block around
>> every entry point - because there are dozens of them.
>> Is there a general way to catch all unhandled exceptions so I can log them
>and pass back something
>> nice and soothing to the user?
>> I'm planning to use the traceback module to record the exception info.
>> Thanks
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>If you're prepared to accept URLs which use an extended path to indicate
>arguments, one poosibility is to direct all requests to a "framework page"
>which then calls the required Python functionality and traps any errors it
>See, for example,
>in which Andrew Kuchling describes the basic technique.  This seems to give
>you what you want.
> Steve
Interesting idea but that won't work in this case. I have to trap the error inside the COM object or
much of the detail is lost.

Dale Strickland-Clark
Out-Think Ltd
Business Technology Consultants

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