Implementing IPersistStorage using PythonCOM

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Fri Dec 8 19:06:48 EST 2000

Edward Blakes wrote:

> My understanding was that this simply converts a string to a PyIID, not
> generates a brand new GUID. As you will see below, I directly placed the
> string per your suggestion, but to no avail.

My mistake - sorry.  Your code was fine.

> I made the changes suggested, got more output but with the same result.
> Given your response I believe I clipped important information that, in its
> absence, mislead you. So that I won't do that again, I am placing the entire
> source here so that you can run it directly. I hate the length but I want
> you to have all the information needed.

Can you mail it to me - all the lines are wrapped!


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