Python 2.0 Windows installer hangs

Tim Peters at
Thu Dec 14 00:47:08 CET 2000

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[North Krimsly]
> When I run the Python 2.0 Windows installer on Windows 2000,

>From where did you get it?  For example, did you get it from, or
from ActiveState?  What's the name of the installer file?  What's its size
(in bytes)?

> I get to the second screen (where it asks which components I want to
> install).  Then I click on next and it just hangs, never to return.
> I have disabled my anti-virus utility as well as my software firewall.
> No other applications were running.  I'm stumped.

Same here, and I wrote the installer that comes from <wink>.
That's file BeOpen-Python-2.0.exe, size 5,811,039 bytes.  Is that what
you're using?  "Second screen" doesn't make sense if so (component selection
is at earliest the third screen; and it may be the fourth).

> Any ideas on what might be causing the installer to hang?

None.  Yours is the only report on this I've seen.  But, as above, I don't
know which installer you're talking about.

> Sorry if this is the wrong venue for posting.  If so
> please point me to the right place to post.

This is as good as any.  You could also open a Python bug report on
SourceForge, if it's the installer:

Random things to try:

+ Try it on a different machine.

+ Try downloading a fresh copy of the installer (the "Windows installer"
link at

+ If you tried installing when logged in with administrator privileges, try
it from an account without administrator privileges.  Or vice versa.

+ If you downloaded via IE, try using Netscape; or vice versa.  We've seen a
surprising number of corrupted downloads (meaning more than one <frown>),
but can't account for them.  None have displayed the symptom you describe,

+ Ensure you have enough disk space.

+ Accept all defaults.

in-a-pinch-install-linux-instead<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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