Implementing IPersistStorage using PythonCOM

Edward Blakes eblakes at
Mon Dec 11 01:14:34 CET 2000

I'm not building for sources. I'd appreciate your emailing me a new
pythoncom20.dll. I can wait for a later ActivePython distribution, since we
are currently in a "proof of concept" stage for this use of Python. If we
find we're ready to deploy and a new version is not available, I'll look
into building from sources.

Thanks for your help.


"Mark Hammond" <MarkH at> wrote in message
news:3A32D22B.3050901 at
> IPersistStorage is pretty badly broken when trying to implement it from
> Python. A really obvious error in PyGPersistStorage.cpp.
> I have fixed it here, but not too sure how that helps you - if you are
> building from sources, then you can simply get a new CVS update and
> rebuild.  If you aren't I could try mailing you a new pythoncom20.dll
> Mark.

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