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Sat Dec 9 19:07:13 EST 2000

dude, i just had this same problem.  I tried editing the PYTHONPATH
variable in the PythonPath editor (via Pythonwin) but it didn't quite

The simplest solution (if you're using PythonWin as your IDE) is to add
edit the pythonwin path.  Go to the Edit PythonPath from the Tools
pulldown menu and edit the pythonwin registry to include your script

hope that's clear,

In article <3A327D01.9841EF98 at drew.edu>,
  Scott Weisel <sweisel at drew.edu> wrote:
> I'm trying to set up Python so I can import the programs that I
wrote.  I
> want to modify $PYTHONPATH so the directory with my programs is in
the path
> but I'm not sure how.
> I thought I might be able to modify sys.path like this
> sys.path = sys.path + "c:\\python16\\programs
> but I'm getting a TypeError stating "illegal argument type for built-
> operation."
> Any suggestions would be appreciated
> -Scott

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