Python for REAL Projects ?

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Thu Dec 14 11:40:35 CET 2000

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	dragon at writes:

> I have been looking at, and trying out Python (under Win NT) and
> although Python SEEMS interesting can it "cut the mustad" on a real
> client project ??

Yes.  At least it does here. :)

> Can this type of project be sucessfully tackled with Python + Tkinter
> + MySQL ??

I prefer wxPython over Tkinter.
(Note that BoaConstructor, when it is getting stable aims to be a
delphi like IDE for wxPython. It is quite impressive already.)

As to your project, it is hard to tell if you are faster with
python. It certainly can be done and it can be done nicely, 
but it might need a little bit more eningeering on your part.

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