help with ncurses - if anyone can give me a simple ncurses program

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Thu Dec 7 11:58:10 EST 2000

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  Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin at> wrote:
> "Hanna" <juliaj79 at> writes:
> > find out more about structure. I am not sure how to go about it. Can
> > who can program in ncurses send me example programs?
> You did look at,
> I'd like to add a Demo/curses directory to the Python CVS tree.  If
> anyone has reasonably small programs that use the curses module,
> please let me know.
> --amk

I'm working on an automatic uploader using ncurses. Actually it's my
first project in Python but I was just curious how it worked. But might
give some insights too.
The Python2 docs helped a lot, though

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