PyOpenGL and Nvidia GL?

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Dec 19 06:28:35 CET 2000

Jeff said:
> Is this Nvidia's fault for just not supplying that function in their
> GL layer?

well, i've got good news and i've got bad news.

the good news is: 

glPolygonOffsetEXT is defined in nvidia's in the
extensions directory:


and if you add this library to the gl_libs ("glx") in in the
PyOpenGL top directory (you need to make sure the library is visible
when linking too), then you no longer get the undefined symbol error
for glPolygonOffsetEXT.

Now the bad news.

When you link with libglx, you get a whole slew of new undefined
symbols. some of them i believe are very old symbols from early
versions of X11.

i dont know how the geniuses at NVidia managed to do this, but if i
showed you the dumb hack that i made to _openglmodule.c, for example:

void WriteToClient(void){
void xf86memcpy(void){


to see how deep the undefined symbols are, thats just some of the
2-handfuls i found so far of undefined symbols, you will see why i
will never buy another video card from NVidia so long as their drivers
are closed source.

les 'live-and-learn' schaffer

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