-s options under Windows

Mike Clarkson support at
Mon Dec 18 19:56:53 CET 2000

Does anyone have any extra documentation of the -s command to under Windows?

I have sucessfully used under Windows98 to freeze a Tkinter
application. I build from sources, and then moved things freeze needed
to a config directory, and put the .pyd and .dll files the exe needs
in the same directory as the exe. Things work fine if I freeze without
the -s option.

I want to use -s windows to get rid of the console on startup under
Windows, but when I build with -s, the application just dies without
giving me any Tkinter root window. Any ideas on how to freeze a GUI
application under Windows?

(It seems curious to me that the Makefiles generated with and without
-s windows are the same.)

Are there any rules about writing to stderr/stdout with -s windows?

Many thanks in advance,


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