Thank you, Fredrik. (was Re: Label-Value)

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony at
Wed Dec 13 06:43:33 EST 2000

After saying thank-you nicely to Fredrik (always a nice thing to do),
Roy Katz wrote:
> just to clarify something about '@identifier':
> I'm playing devil's advocate. So don't see this
> as an attack.

And there's the problem.

When communicating in text, one does not have visual and auditory cues
as to what is intended. Just the text. ("just the text, ma'am")

Someone who decides to play devil's advocate and *doesn't say so*
"sounds" just the same (in text) as someone who really means what they
are saying. So that person shouldn't be offended if people respond as if
they meant it.

But don't see this as an attack. No, please don't. Really. I'm just a
friendly pedant, who likes the language just the way G*d* indented it.

[Mandatory exception: heh, Alex, I don't think "print >>" is anywhere
near as bad as 012 being 10 and not 12 - now *that's* a wart on the

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs)
My views! Mine! Mine! (Unless Laser-Scan ask nicely to borrow them.)
[I've read it twice. I've thought it over. I'm sending it anyway.]

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