Newbie Question

Bob W. removethis_kranki2 at
Fri Dec 22 10:34:11 EST 2000

Well, I had tried using the "self" reference and that didn't seem to
work either.  "self" would be fine since I had not planned on using
the method outside of the class.  Actually, I was trying to simulate a
private method in C++.  Thanks for your help though.

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000 06:33:36 -0800, "Emile van Sebille"
<emile at> wrote:

>Do you intend to be invoking the unbound class method?  Or
>os.path.walk( self.szDir, RmwExpireCheck.__CheckFile, self )
>os.path.walk( self.szDir, self.__CheckFile, self )

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