Pythonic concurrency (was: Erlang (was Re: Good introduction to functional programming with Python?))

Cameron Laird claird at
Sun Dec 31 12:48:18 EST 2000

In article <G6AyoC.CK1 at>, Will Ware <wware at> wrote:
>Brad Knotwell (knotwell at wrote:
>> I'm now wondering if Stackless Python's uthreads are cooperatively or
>> pre-emptively multi-tasked.
>Unless you're digging into their inner workings, microthreads will appear
>to you as preemptively multitasking.
Is this true:  microthreads block on system calls (I/O
operations, most notoriously) and on invocations of
externally-coded extensions?  

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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