[pygtk] Python and Orbit Examples

Rob Brown-Bayliss rob at ZOOstation.cc
Wed Dec 6 07:32:17 CET 2000

>or getting it to work with gnome-python, that is a bit more difficult.

Sounds a little ominous...

What I am doing (or planning at this stage) is to write a POS and Stock 
management system for a small retail chain.

Would I be better of giving Pyhton a miss, or ditching the Corba idea? 

I have very little knowledge of linux programming, though I do have 
years of basic programming on the Amiga (like 18 I think if include vic 20 and c64)
and a few months VC++ on windows.  I have used Linux for 18 months now, and played
a bit with C and a very very little with Python. 

I am confident I can tackle the task in either language, but I know python will be
quicker to develop with.

I had looked to corba as a means of communicating between the stores, I could always
use some form of file transefer, but it's not as elegant or nearly as real time.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss


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