Python interpreter in python?

Steven D. Majewski sdm7g at
Sat Dec 23 06:52:06 CET 2000

On 22 Dec 2000 jnix at wrote:

> This opens a huge number of choices -  [ ... ]
> But I would certainly like to see a Python VM written in Modula-3..

While on the topic of "blue sky" projects:

 Now that I've been playing with the python objective-c bridge module
on MacOSX, I can see some real advantages to reimplementing part of
python in objective-c. The objc-runtime has some of the same sort of
plumbing that python's runtime in c does. Objective C code doesn't
have to be "wrapped"  to be accessable to python.  Well -- it's
actually dynamically wrapped by the runtime, but you don't have to
do any special codeing to make objc libraries python callable.  
I think you have the same sort of thing with COM classes on PythonWin,
except objc is even easier. ( Step 1 of several C++ GUI projects always
seems to be extending C++ with more dynamic, introspective features
to make it more like objc-c and thus usable for dynamically adding
features and widgets to a GUI. )  
 However, to get all of the advantages, you would have to incompatibly
shake up the python object hierarchy. ( i.e. one of the advantages would
be to solve the extension class problem by making most python objects
classes -- if not python classes, at least obj-c classes. 

 -- Steve Majewski <sdm7g at Virginia.EDU> 

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