Why Won't This Work?

D-Man dsh8290 at rit.edu
Tue Dec 26 18:07:57 EST 2000

You mentioned in a different thread that you have RH6.2.  I would
suggest installing from an rpm instead of building it using make.
This will help ease installation/upgrade issues (and makes it simpler
to do).  If you want to build an rpm from the source use the command

rpm -tb the_source.tar.gz


On Sat, Dec 23, 2000 at 06:31:38AM -0800, Ben Ocean wrote:
> Hi;
> Because I'm building Zope, I'm trying to install Python-1.5.2. I've
> successfully run:
> ./configure --with-thread
> make
> and everything appears to be in order. But when I type
> python
> at a command prompt, I get a bash error. What have I not done?
> TIA,
> BenO
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