win32evtlogutil: How does it works ?

G P garachop at
Tue Dec 5 15:51:59 EST 2000

I'am trying to write a script under windows NT.
I want it to logs events.
I use AddSourceToRegistry and ReportEvent

first :
AddSourceToRegistry( appName, dllName)
then :
ReportEvent( appName, 1063, eventType = warning, strings = [ 'Test.'])

My  problem is about dllName.

The code works, but if I try to know more about the event, the box
display : 
"La description pour l'ID d'événement (1063) dans la source (DTO) n'a pu
être trouvée. Elle contient la ou les chaînes d'insertion suivantes
Description for event ID ( 1063 ) in the source (DTO) can't  be found.
It holds the following insertion's strings :Test.

If I use any specified dll I can found in the registry for other events,
it's the same,  except the norton antivirus dll : s32alogn.dll whith an
event ID number 4098.

Any ideas ?

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