Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Thu Dec 21 20:38:06 CET 2000

Me too (would have taken me ages to track down), someone posted a hint to
comp.lang.python when I asked, and in retrospect, I guess I should have been
able to puzzle it out (if the Python DLL isn't initialised for your app,
there's no main thread created for your app), but something like: 
	...no current thread, possible conflicting Python library versions.

Might have been useful.  Enjoy yourself,

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From: Gordon Williams [mailto:g_will at cyberus.ca]
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To: Mike Fletcher
Subject: Re: Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get

Thanks Mike,

It was an old Python module that I thought I had recompiled, but evidently
had not.

"Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread" seems like a
funny error to indicate that there is a problem like this.  It would have
taken me hours/days to track this one down.


Gordon Williams

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