For Python ASP developers

Syver Enstad syver at
Fri Dec 15 21:29:13 EST 2000

I have been posting to this group a couple of times asking how to call
functions written in other ASP languages from Python.

I seem to have got it down now, the way to do it are as follows:

All functions written in other languages must be prefixed by
    ex: ScriptingNamespace.VbScriptFunc() # calls a vb script function
defined in a runat=server script block

I didn't succeed at calling JscriptFunctions however until I found out that
you have to pass a dummy None parameter to
javascript functions without parameters. Like this:

<script language=Jscript runat=server>
function JscriptFunc()
    Response.Write("Jscript func called<br/>");

ScriptingNamespace.JscriptFunc() # won't work
ScriptingNamespace.JscriptFunc(None) # will work

The way I found out was the faq on perlscript (com enabled perl) on asp,
as they seem to run into the same issues as with Python.

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