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Wed Dec 6 09:59:43 EST 2000

>>>>> Bill Seitz <fluxent at> (BS) writes:

BS> Hmm, this works for me with text data (though the file length is
BS> slightly different: maybe line-end changes from Win to *nix?). With
BS> binary it's totally off. Uploading a JPEG I consistently only get 109
BS> bytes written to the file system. With GIFs I consistently get ~500
BS> bytes (but not always exactly the same number). With an MsWord file I
BS> get a bigger file written, but still not the whole thing (60kb out of
BS> 75kb).

BS> What do I do next?

Is your server on Windows? Then it probably is a matter of the standard
input being in text mode rather than binary mode.
So you have to set it to binary mode before anything is read from it.

See msvcrt.setmode()
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