Changing frames with a python script

Paul van Erk paul at
Wed Dec 6 11:16:18 CET 2000


I am new tp Python, but eager to learn the language. I have a little
problem. My website is divided in two frames (navigation and main). In the
main frame I have a login page which is connected to a database. People can
fill in their name an passwd there. Then a python-script will be started. If
the login and the passwd is correct the navigation frame has to changed into
a frame with more possibilities. How can I solve this problem.
My first solution was that the script would make a new html document, which
was also divided in frames. But then I get a document with three frames
(logical), because it would publish the html document only in the main

Has anyone a solution for this??

Thanks in advance

Paul van Erk
paul at

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