Stored Procedures (ODBC) from Python?

Gilles Lenfant glenfant at
Mon Dec 18 16:07:40 CET 2000

Depends on your DB engine.

With mxOdbc and an Informix server, it works for me.

import mxOdbc
mydatasource = 'DSN=adatasource;URS=myself;PWD=secret'
myconnection = mxOcbc.Windows.DriverConnect(mydatasource)
curs = myconnection.cursor()
curs.execute('Any SQL statement including stored procedure call or informix
specific SQL operation')

That's all

<steinarrune at> a écrit dans le message news:
91l6mq$lge$1 at
> I am developing in Pythonwin, and have been using
> the odbc module successfully for a while. Still I
> have not yet called Stored procedures over this
> interface.
> Is it possible ? Any examples out there ?
> All the best
> Steinar Eriksen
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