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Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Dec 11 17:29:26 CET 2000

Ng Pheng Siong wrote:
> According to Jiva DeVoe  <jiva at>:
> > Check out fnorb.  It's an excellent open
> > source CORBA
> > implementation for python.
> Just downloaded Fnorb. According to the docu, it supports
> BOA. BOA has been superceded by POA.
> See the CORBA FAQ here:
> OmniOrb3 supports POA:

I have been using FNORB as well for a while, but now have
switched to omniORB. I must say the product is just
*excellent* ! The IDL compiler is correct and smart even
with large projects like ours, where Fnorb simply gave up,
without an error message, just nothing.
Also, onmiORB allows you to run more than one ORB in one
process, since it is multithreaded from the ground up.
We even had the effect that a client was talking to my ORB,
which was started in PythonWin, and I thought it was
stopped. In fact it was still active, as a thread.
OmniORB comes with a GPL license, btw.

ciao - chris

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