Tkinter prob in Python 2.0, Macintosh

Russell E. Owen owen at
Mon Dec 11 17:45:52 CET 2000

In article <muvol.remove-this-ABD013.16350709122000 at>, 
Mike <muvol.remove-this at> wrote:

>...The problem occurs when I press the Quit key.  The Tk window goes away, 
>I do not get the >>> prompt back in the interpreter.  Even though I can 
>still select the menus, choosing Quit from the file menu has no effect.  
>Also, Command-Q does not work.  At this point, the About box has changed 
>from "About Python..." to "About Tcl & Tk"
>I have to force quit the Python Interpreter to regain control.

Try de-selecting the startup option "Enter interactive mode after 
script". This problem was present in 1.5.2c and based on your 
description it may well still be present in 2.0. (For a one-time test, 
run the interpreter with the option key down. For a longer-term 
solution, run EditPythonPrefs.)

Warning: Tk is not fully functional in MacPython 2.0 -- file events are 
broken. Stick to MacPython 1.5.2 for now if you need file events.

-- Russell

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