Newbie Question

Bob W. removethis_kranki2 at
Fri Dec 22 17:56:52 CET 2000

Well, I got it to work.  I added an Arg parameter just after self in
the definition for __CheckFile.

    def __CheckFile( self, Arg, szDirName, szFileNames ):

That seems to let it work.  Apparently, the first self reference is
automatically added in the call which I had not expected.  Thanks a
lot for the help.  Now I just have to figure out why this works this

Crashed PythonWin too!  Guess that I will get better with time and
experience!  Maybe! :))

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000 08:46:42 -0800, "Emile van Sebille"
<emile at> wrote:

>BTW, it also works with
>    def run(self):
>        os.path.walk(self.root, Class.func, self)

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