launching a python program from GNU make (Win2K)

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> >From my experience, GNU make has the most features that I want to use.
> >However, I find it so hard to use under Windows.  For example, I wrote
> No kidding :-)
> >a small python program that I can launch from the command line and
> >execute without problems.  I can't seem to launch it from GNU make.  I

I have a version of GNU make that I use once in a while on Win32 (all
varieties) that does just fine.  It's a bit older (3.74.4) but I've had no
problems with it.  I don't remember where I got it, but it wasn't part of
the cygwin toolkit but some separate collection of unix-like command line

I'll send that copy of gmake.exe to anybody that's interested.

> >something to do with GNU make going out of it's way to launch sh.exe if
> >it's on your hard drive, rather than launching command.exe to shell out
> Nope, it is simply not possible to launch a command-line program from
> another command-line program.

This is not true.  I do it every day.

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