Python-like compiled language

Curtis Jensen cjensen at
Tue Dec 12 18:44:05 CET 2000

Alan Gauld wrote:
> Curtis Jensen wrote:
> > get LaPack lite for free.  Odepack is free and it's from llnl.  Nag is
> > NOT free, it is very expensive.
> Are you sure about that? I thought I red recently that NAG was
> now open source? Their gift for the millenium or something...
> I may be wrong, I don't use NAG just noticed a magazine newsbyte.
> Alan g.

I'm sure it's not open source.  To be even more sure, I did some
searches.  I found another Nag.  There is the "Network Administrator's
Guide," which is free and can be downloaded from RedHat.  Perhaps that
is what you saw.  There may be other packages called Nag, but the Nag
from the Numerical Algorithms Group is not open source.  It'd be nice if
it was.  We just paid a heap of money for a site license.

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