win32net - How to connect to a remote network share from a service

David Bolen db3l at
Sat Dec 2 02:47:14 CET 2000

Mark Tompkins <mdtompkins at> writes:

> BTW, have you any suggestions as to specific Windows API documentation where
> I might look, to gain a better understanding of the issues involved.

In general, any of the stuff wrapped by the win32all modules is best
served by the native Win32 documentation (as augmented with some
Python specifics from the win32all documentation).

The best place for this sort of documentation is the platform SDK
(alone or as part of MSDN), which if you don't have a local copy is
also available on the web at, or more
specifically for the library documentation at:

This particular issue (impact of running services as LocalSystem on
their network access) took me a day or two to locate the first time I
ran into it with my own service (non-Python, not to mention first real
Win32 application).  Once I found the info it was pretty clear but I
had a heck of a time figuring out what to search for :-)

Here's a pointer to an MSJ article that provides some background:

and you might also look at the knowledge base articles Q122702,
Q124184 and Q132679 (note that you'll have to select the knowledgebase
from the search page to be able to look up these entries).

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