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> >The only shame is not the author's fault - it is the still crazy high
> >$45 and thick paper which bulks the 760pages to 2.5" thick.
> Hmmm....  I don't know how thick the pages actually are, but I sure
> wouldn't want a book to have tissue-paper pages.  It's a tricky balance.

63.5 mm for 760 pages works out at over 83 microns per page.

Rough comparison with a few high-quality books around here (O'Reilly,
Cambridge University Press, Addison-Wesley) appears to show a range
of, roughly, 30 to 60 microns per page.  And it's anything BUT
'tissue-paper' (or fine India paper, for that matter).  Over 80u/pg
is _really_ thick paper -- not quite cardboard, but...:-)


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