Python vs PHP (& Java?)

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Wed Dec 27 09:01:43 EST 2000

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David N. Welton <davidw at> wrote:
>> So, _what_ "much functionality" of PHP couldn't be "replaced" by
>> Python solutions?
>Personally, I use Tcl for this sort of thing, but I think that Python
>is pretty good too, for a very important reason:
>PHP is used on the web and only on the web.  Python, Tcl, Java, and
>company are languages that you can take and reuse elsewhere.
Incidentally, the PHPers certainly are aware of
this situation, and it's likely that PHP will
become available through command-line and/or
MySQL stored-procedure applications, sometime
in 2001.  I expect to write more on this, pro-
bably in January.

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