Bjorn Pettersen pbjorn at
Wed Dec 20 17:53:14 EST 2000

Tim Peters wrote:

> [posted & mailed]
> [Bjorn Pettersen]
> > Thanks Skip!  I was actually using the soundex module in one of my less
> > frequently used apps so I hadn't realized that it was gone yet :-)
> >
> > Could I get you to put an explicit licence on it (it would be
> > much more usable to me if it had a licence and if the licence wasn't
> > GPL <wink>).
> Note too that Sean True wrote a Python implementation of the
> more-sophisticated NYSIIS algorithm, available at
> (it's linked to from Parnassus if you forget that).  It's not encumbered.
> Whatever stuff of mine Skip reused was released to the public domain.
> if-soundex-is-the-answer-the-question-was-ill-advised<wink>-ly
>     y'rs  - tim

Thanks for the info, Tim!  The soundex version found my misspellings of
"potatos" and "appple pie", and the nysiis encoding didn't like "1000 Island"
so I'll probably stay with soundex (after all I'm only trying to be sligthly
more helpful than not returning anything <wink>).

better-than-nothing'ly y'rs
-- bjorn

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