Smalltalk and Python

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Dec 18 03:35:18 EST 2000

"Keith Ray" <k1e2i3t4h5r6a7y at 1m2a3c4.5c6o7m> wrote in message
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> > (The Mac issue is also why IBM's smalltalk is out, unless they're
> > planning a port to MacOS X. And whoever said Cincom's GUI is slow on a
> > Mac, I agree, and unattractive, too. I didn't realize it was fast on
> > other platforms. That's very good to know.)
> >
> > -- Russell
> I wonder if it would be feasible to wrap YAAF in Python?
> YAAF is a c++ cross-platform gui/application-framework class library.
> <>  Works on Mac, Windows, Linux.

Haven't examined it in complete detail, but from a cursory first
look I can see no technical reason that would make this wrapping
unfeasible.  So many other GUI frameworks have been wrapped for
Python, after all.  It _would_ be a substantial amount of work,
of course, and probably need a team of volunteers driven by a
strong desire to make YAAF available to Pythonistas cross-platform,
with Mac-, Linux-, _and_ Windows-equipped and -knowledgeable
volunteers as part of the team.  (I suspect that making wxPython
work perfectly on Mac would be a lesser undertaking, if nothing
else because it only requires the Mac-part, as Linux and Windows
are pretty well covered already).


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