Bug: Readline getting stuck on Linux and Solaris

Michael Hudson mwh21 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 00:53:56 CET 2000

quinn at ngwee.ugcs.caltech.edu (Quinn Dunkan) writes:

> It's not tricky on an Indy :)  In any case, on the irix machine, I've been
> using 2.0-for-real and it still locks.  It apparently works ok if I
> hit control C quickly: I get 'import site' failed, presumably because it died
> of a KeyboardInterrupt.  However, even a 'while 1: pass' ^C locks.  I got a
> backtrace by suspending the locked python, and killng it with a SIGILL to get
> a core.
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0xfa3ab88 in __ioctl () at lio.c:201
> #1  0xfa434f0 in ioctl () at nftw.c:184
> #2  0x5ffd2a74 in rl_restart_output ()
> #3  0x5ffdd0f4 in _rl_clean_up_for_exit ()
> #4  0x5ffdd860 in rl_cleanup_after_signal ()
> #5  0x5ffdd304 in _rl_erase_entire_line ()

Can I see some more of this, please?


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