A Suggestion for Python Colon Syntax

Bjorn Pettersen pbjorn at uswest.net
Sat Dec 23 04:56:20 CET 2000

Vadim Zeitlin wrote:

>  BTW, what was the real rationale for adding composed assignment operators
> (+=) to Python 2.0 (which I'm really extremely glad to have now)? Wasn't it
> meant to make Python more attractive to the people coming from C-lie
> languages? And, if by chance it was so, why not continue making it even more
> simple to use to the very same people?

The decision to implement augmented assignment is described in PEP 203
(http://python.sourceforge.net/peps/pep-0203.html). I quote:

   There are two main reasons for adding this feature to Python:
   simplicity of expression, and support for in-place operations.

If we wanted to make C/C++ programmers attracted to Python we'd have added curly
braces <wink>.

-- bjorn

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