<> vs != was Re: A Suggestion for Python Colon Syntax

John W. Baxter jwbnews at scandaroon.com
Mon Dec 25 00:55:37 CET 2000

I prefer <> over != for not equal. 

That's probably because I used Pascal and Pascal-like languages for a 
long time before subjecting myself to C.

I'd prefer still to be using Pascal over C, but the C crowd has captured 
the world.

 (For that matter, I prefer "not equal" and "is not equal" over != for 
not equal.)

Others feel differently about the matter...I won't try to convert you 
unless you try to convert me.  ;-)

   --John  (who, sometime late in the 1990s, had to stop saying he had 
been around computers more than twice as long as C had been outside AT&T)

John W. Baxter   Port Ludlow, WA USA  jwbnews at scandaroon.com

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